Who we are

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going through a great and unprecedented global movement in various economic, cultural, technical and living sectors in order to achieve its ambitious vision «Saudi Vision 2030», which has resulted in the generation of many jobs for several fields and specializations.

Since the launch of “Emdad Al Khebrat” in 2014, our main goal has been to support our partners and customers in the public and private sectors by providing quality services and integrated solutions and developing them continuously to keep pace with the best local and international standards and practices in our fields of business to contribute directly to the improvement and development of outputs that exceed expectations, and for our belief The full importance of human capital as the cornerstone of success and the main driver of achievement.

Our ambitions in “Experience Supply” are limitless, and we are always working to innovate and develop solutions and services that meet the needs of various sectors, so that the company is a tributary and supportive of the development and facilitation of the work of our partners and customers.

Since 2014

We are proud to be providing our services and solutions in accordance with the best practices and international standards


Leadership in providing business and human capital solutions; To enhance the productivity of individuals and enterprises, and enable them to achieve an effective and sustainable impact.


Empowering individuals, businesses, and communities to enhance growth and productivity, by supporting innovation, resilience and inclusion in business and human capital solutions.


Customer focus

Focusing on customers is our commitment and our motivation to provide our customers with exceptional services, solutions and experiences. We highly value our relationships with our customers as we define ourselves as we care for them.


We deliver unrivaled standards of excellence in all that we do by staying focused on the most important and meaningful opportunities for our clients. Our customers expect the best from us, from our industry-leading products to our world-class customer service, and our team takes pride in living up to those expectations.


Customers choose us for their high confidence in our identity and our cadres, and we have earned this reliability by our utmost care so that everything we offer is reliable, of high and continuous quality, and with the highest level of integrity.

High attention to staff

We are proud of being a company with diverse and inclusive cadres that serve different clients with high concern for cadres, as our belief in excellence stems from us when each of us feels his importance, value, and ability to trust his colleagues who respect each other for what they are and what they offer for our collective success.



Providing business and human capital solutions to empower national governmental and private enterprises.


Develop and empower competencies in various fields to enhance their participation in the labor market.


Apply best practices in managing and operating human capital.

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